Get covered for $8

Premium member benefits included

Dashlane fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device.

Dashlane Premium

Autofill passwords on desktop & mobile

Dark web email and password monitoring

Secure Wifi VPN

Get Covered

Cyberscout is there to help you in case of any digital breach, fraud, social engineering, or ransomware. 

Personal Cyber Coverage

Credit & identity theft monitoring

$25k in cyber-attacks where there is social manipulation (eg. phone)

$25k in cyber-attacks involving ransom

• Unauthorized e-transfers 

• Financial account theft 

• Identity fraud

$1M in stolen funds reimbursment

What's included:

24/7 cyber support line

Get Covered

Get access to legal advice from practicing lawyers when you need it. Simply call the hotline and get unbiased professional legal advice.

24/7 Legal Advice Hotline

Personal & civil

Employment contracts

Advice in area of law with unlimited talk time

Residential & strata

Small business

Contract review, travel letters & more

Immigration & family

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Protect your money and identity in less than 20 seconds

Get Covered for $8

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Protect your hard-earned money from cyber attacks

We've bundled together a suite of world-class products and services designed to make your digital life safer and easier.

Industry-leading financial account and identity coverage paired with world-class products that make your life safer and easier.

Retail value $29.99 / mo

Retail value $5.50 / mo

Retail value $5.00 / mo

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We're a new era insurance company working everyday to make insurance:

Transparent and accessible

That's why our plans will always be price first - no more hidden costs.

You're most valuable subscription

One that provides you with peace of mind and adds value to your daily life.

Flexible and budget-friendly

Your life ebbs, flows, and grows. We think your insurance should too.

Who is Walnut?

Who are your carriers?

We've worked hard to form a first-of-its-kind carrier network consisting of the most trusted brands in insurance. Your coverage binds instantly and you can have peace of mind that your insurance will be there when you need it.

Each plan has member benefits tailored to the coverage you're purchasing. You'll have access to all of your benefits and instructions on how to access them inside of our member platform.

How do the benefits work?

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